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The Artemis Approach

Artemis Search Partners focuses on contingent permanent placement, and provides nationwide executive search services. ASP Staffing, a division of Artemis Search Partners, specializes in fulfilling more immediate, contract-based staffing needs. Whether for a rising start-up or a Fortune 500 juggernaut, we believe in a customized, concierge-style approach to permanent search and staffing. Our team of recruitment partners and research analysts work diligently to ensure you always receive the absolute best candidates.

You’re here because you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. We’re here to deliver the needles.

Direct Hire Placement

Permanent Placement

Identifying top talent takes more than just a recruiter. That’s why with Artemis Search Partners, you have access to our entire ecosystem of analysts and industry veterans in order to handle your contingent head hunting needs. We make the unattainable candidate attainable – and we don’t get paid until you’re satisfied.

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  • Enterprise Sales Rep Software
  • Regional Sales Manager Software Security
  • Industrial Engineer Consumer Products
  • Application Engineer Simulation Software
  • Sales Manager Insurance


ASP Staffing focuses exclusively in two key areas: Accounting & Finance and Information Technology. These are the industries we know, love and service – and over a decade of targeted expertise has crafted our ability to identify and place top talent within each vertical.

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Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

If it doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make sense. Our Accounting & Finance team has been recruiting for over ten years, and has compiled an extensive pool of qualified candidates ready to support your needs.

Information Technology
Information Technology Information Technology
Information Technology

Information Technology

The only thing that changes faster than technology is your staffing need. That’s why our IT recruiters possess an in-depth understanding of the landscape and can cast a wide net to source talent rapidly and intelligently.

The Artemis Story

The Artemis Difference

Everyone wants a candidate who will provide immense value while enhancing existing corporate culture. We call that individual a Material Impact Candidate (MIC), and we only recommend individuals who we truly believe are MIC’s.

By limiting ourselves to a select number of clients, we are able to devote the necessary time and resources to serve with the utmost attention to detail. In doing so, we develop strong relationships with our partners, earning the trust needed to generate quality hires rather than patchwork quick fixes.

The Artemis Difference
  • Our Process

    Identifying a Material Impact Candidate is no small task. To pinpoint just the right individual, we consider a person’s:

    • Technical and skill set match
    • Overall company cultural match
    • Individual team and hiring manager match

    Each item is paramount to uncovering the ideal candidate. And no, we don’t believe in two out of three.

  • Our Promise

    We don’t take our partnerships lightly. If we decide that engaging will be mutually beneficial, we work with conviction, dedication and passion to go above and beyond. Not only do we bring you the MIC, we become a brand ambassador for your company throughout the process – spreading your name and vision along the way.

  • Our Personality

    Artemis is built upon a team of highly trained, competitive, driven professionals all working cohesively to achieve success for our clients. We are creative dreamers and critical thinkers – people who understand that solving a challenge sometimes takes a foosball table (not a conference table) and a board game (not a board room).

The Artemis Story

The Artemis Story

Artemis is named for the Greek Goddess of the Hunt. Her bow and arrow are legend, and she is revered for the elegance, refinement and imagination she displayed in all her pursuits.

We pay homage to our namesake by embodying these same qualities. In an industry dominated by algorithms, we strive to infuse a sense of artistry. Numbers alone cannot judge a candidate; company culture and individual personalities must also be considered in order to generate the perfect match.

We like to think we live up to Artemis’ example. But we care more about living up to your expectations.

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